In my photo project, I wanted to capture the very soul of the Curonian Spit, its character, its unique atmosphere.

I spent all my childhood on the Baltic Sea, every summer my parents and I went to Klaipeda. I have always been impressed by the magnificent landscape of this place, the air, the forest, the dunes and the sea. We collected pebbles on the beach, rested in the dunes, watched nature and these memories remained in me forever.

For many years I did not come to these places, but last time I was here again for the first time in 15 years.

The Curonian Spit is still magnificent in its grandeur, peace reigns here, but at the same time, the elements are outrageous. Every bit of this place is gorgeous and very graphic.

In my works, I tried to convey exactly the mood of this amazing place, so dear to me, and so mysterious.