Artist Statements

Art is my job, my passion and the meaning of my life. I am inspired by the beauty of a person. While studying at the Academy of Arts, I worked with nude every day, I studied anatomy and composition. I graduated 6 years ago and continue to develop in this direction.

I am working with the topic of the human body. I believe that all people are beautiful, regardless of age, weight, size and skin color.Every day we meet with criticism, we try to meet the standards of beauty and someone's expectations, we exhaust ourselves with diets and plastic surgeries, but this only aggravates the rejection of our own body. Instead of looking for beauty, we are constantly looking for flaws in ourselves.My mission is to show that there are no shortcomings, that these are imposed stereotypes.And I want all people to see only beauty in each other! I hope that my work will help people around the world to accept and love their body.


Born in Minsk in 1990.

She graduated from the Gymnasium-College of Arts and the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, both in Minsk, in the department of easel graphics.

Since 2008 she's been a member of the creative community, "Neon Head", regularly participates in exhibitions. In 2019, she became a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus, and founded the Belarusian House ofGraphics; the only printmaking workshop in Belarus.

She's also worked as a curator,organised exhibitions and festivals, held master classes and contributed in every possible way to streaming art in her homeland.

Afterthe controversial Belarussian elections of 2020, Sviatlana was subject to political repression and persecution and in December that same year, she was forced to flee the country. she moved to Vilnius, Lithuania, where she lives and works since then.


2009-2015 Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Graphic artist, Master of Fine Arts

1997-2009 Minsk State Gymnasium - College of Art, Textile, Bachelor’s

Work experience

2022 - Author of the project dedicated to Francis Skorina and 500 years of book printing in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In partnership with the Museum of Energy of Lithuania and the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania

2022 - Member of the Union of Artists of Lithuania

2020 - Member of the jury at the international art competition "Wave of Ideas"

2020 - Member of the jury at the republican competition of printed graphics "Graphics of the Year"

2020 - Founder and curator of the Visual Arts Festival "Art is..."

2019 - Founder and curator of the Belarusian House of Graphics and master of printmaking

2019 - Member of the Union of Artists of Belarus

2016 - Artist at the National Center for Contemporary Arts


2022 - Charity Auction "Help Ukraine", Vilnius

2022 - Art Residence "Menu Zona", Nida

2022 - Personal Exhibition "Make Love", GODO gallery, Vilnius

2021 - Charity Auction "For your freedom and ours!", Vilnius

2021 - “Art Minsk 2021”, Republican art gallery, Minsk

2021 - "Why is freedom a woman?", Vilnius

2021 - Solo Exebition “27”, Vilnius

2020 - Virtual solo exhibition “P+B”

2020 - Participant of the Republican Plein Air dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand Ruschits

2020 - “II Biennale of Lithography”, Belgrade, Serbia

2020 - “Triennial of painting, graphics and sculpture”, Minsk

2020 - “Graphics of the year”, Minsk

2020 - “Art Minsk”, Republican art gallery, Minsk

2020 - “Autumn Salon”, Republican art gallery, Minsk

2020 - Festival of contemporary art “Art Minsk”, Republican art gallery, Minsk

2020- “Art is...”, National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

2019 - “Graphics of the year”, Minsk

2019 - “Autumn Salon”, Republican art gallery, Minsk

2017 - Awarded a Vogue Italy Magazine, Fashion Week in Minsk

2016 - Featured on “The Hundred” magazine

2016 - Mainprize at the Minsk Art Week festival