Sviatlana Petushkova, Belarussian artist who fled to Lithuania in 2020, presents her solo exhibition “MAKE LOVE” in Vilnius art space “GODÒ gallery”. The author’s intimate works speak about love as the only source of strength in unbearable moments.

Opening: 31st March 7PM
The exhibition will run until April 30th.

“When hopes and dreams are shattered, when the whole world is going crazy and terrible things are happening around us, when it seems that nothing good is left, we only have love. Only love can revive faith from the ashes, restore hope, and only for the sake of love we continue to live on when it seems that there is no reason to live. Love is a true treasure, but it is available to every person”, the artist says.

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the slogan “Make love not war” which was used in seventies during the Vietnam War by hippie movement. Today, with this slogan, the author responds to the horrors of war in Ukraine and expresses solidarity with the brotherly nation.

“Love can be so different. You can love a person, country or yourself. You can feel unrequited or mutual love. Love can last for centuries or for one moment. But it is love that can save this world”, the artist says.

After the controversial elections in Belarus in 2020 Sviatlana Petushkova was a target of political repression and persecution and was forced to flee the country in December of the same year. She moved to Vilnius, where she still lives and works.

Sviatlana Petushkova was born in Minsk in 1990. In 2015 she graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts (Minsk) in the department of easel graphics. In 2009 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in textiles at the Minsk State Gymnasium-College of Arts.

Since 2008 Sviatlana Petushkova has been a member of the creative community “Neon Head”, she regularly participates in exhibitions. In 2019 the artist became a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus, and founded the Belarusian House of Graphics – the only printmaking workshop in Belarus. She’s also worked as a curator, organized exhibitions and festivals, held master classes and contributed in every possible way to stream art in her homeland.

In her work, Sviatlana Petushkova is inspired by human beauty. After graduating from the Academy of Arts seven years ago where she studied human anatomy and composition and worked with naked body every day the author continues to work in this direction.

„I believe that all people are beautiful, regardless of age, weight, size and skin color. Every day we face criticism, we try to meet the standards of beauty and someone’s expectations, but this only aggravates the rejection of our own body. Instead of looking for beauty, we are constantly looking for flaws in ourselves. My mission is to show that there are no shortcomings, that these are imposed stereotypes. And I want all people to see only beauty in each other“, the artist says.

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Visiting the exhibition is free of charge.
Gallery address: Malūnų str. 6A, Vilnius.
Working hours: II-V 13.00-19.00, VI 12.00-18.00.